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Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory

Annual Review Meeting



Invitation to the


2024 Mid-Year Progress Report 

CSL - Center for Carbonate Research



You are cordially invited to the mid-year meeting of the CSL - Center for Carbonate Research, during which we will report on several of the current projects. The meeting will be held online on:


Friday, June 14, 2024



9 am - 11:30 am Miami

8 am - 10:30 am Houston

10 am - 1:30 pm Brazil

3 pm - 5:30 pm Europe

2 pm - 4:30 pm London


We hope to see many of you at the meeting. 


Best regards, 



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Meeting Program

June 14, 2024 Friday
9:00 am

Welcome and Introduction


Red Sea Rift Update and New Exploration in Indonesia

  Sam Purkis and Morgan Chakraborty

On the Role of Fish Diet and Lifestyle on Ichthyocarbonate Composition

  Amanda Oehlert

Quartz Content Influencing Acoustic Properties of Stromatolites in Hamelin Pool, Western Australia

  Ralf. J. Weger, Ergin Karaca, and Gregor P. Eberli



Progress on Projects Involving the Dual Clumped Isotope Proxy: Application to Understanding the Formation of Carbonates

  Peter K. Swart and Chaojin Lu

Co-existence of Marine and Meteoric Diagenesis in Carbonates 

  Gregor P. Eberli and Mara R. Diaz

Discussion and outlook




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