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Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory

Annual Review Meeting



Invitation to the


2023 Mid-Year Progress Report 

CSL - Center for Carbonate Research


You are cordially invited to the mid-year meeting of the CSL - Center for Carbonate Research, during which we report on several of the current projects. The meeting will be held virtually (online) on


Tuesday May 23, 2023


9 am – 12 00 am Miami

8 am – 11 00 Houston

3 pm – 6 00 pm Europe

9 pm – 12 00 pm China

8 pm -11 pm Thailand


Please invite all the members of your company that might be interested in these presentations. 


We hope to see many of you at the meeting. 


Best regards, 



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Meeting Program

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Welcome and Introduction


 Spatial self-organization in reefal carbonates

  Sam Purkis, Haiwei Xi
  Project Media: CSL-Mid-Y...kis.pptxsponsors only content (ppt)

Advances in the use of clumped isotope proxies in the understanding of carbonate diagenesis

  Peter K. Swart, Chaojin Lu
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Microbialite geochemistry: Cumulative impacts of environment, microbes, and early taphonomy

  Amanda Oehlert, ClĂ©ment G.L. Pollier, Brooke E. Vitek, R. Pamela Reid, Erica P. Suosaari
  Project Media: CSL-Mid-Y...ite.pptxsponsors only content (ppt)

Recognizing the importance of ocean currents - do we have to revise the depositional models for carbonate slopes?

  Gregor P. Eberli, Sara Bashah
  Project Media: CSL-Mid-Y...els.pptxsponsors only content (ppt)

 Sonic velocities in dolomites and limestones: Why mineralogy matters little.

  Ralf J. Weger
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Discussion and outlook

  Gregor P. Eberli



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